Meet the Team – Paweł Orszulak

In this blog series we would like to introduce the faces behind (and in the front) of &More, our new design consultancy based in Edinburgh.  Read on to explore.

Paweł Orszulak, Director of Architecture and founder at &More, tells us about how his background and experience have led him to live in Edinburgh, what he loves about his job and what drives him to succeed. 

 ‘I started out on my adventures as a Polish lad, a graduate from Krakow University of Technology,’ he says, ‘with a Masters in Architecture and Urban Planning.  I kicked off my career in Chicago USA working on large scale health care refurbishment projects and high-profile residential clients.  My ambition to travel then combined with a childhood fascination of ‘Treasure Island’.  Captain Flint and Billy Bones were my heroes. They brought me to Scotland where I have now laid down my roots.’

 ‘I have worked for a leading workplace and design consultancy for the past 14 years.  During this time, I have progressed my career from a project architect through to a key member of a leading Edinburgh studio.’ He smiles. ‘I am proud of the team we were able to build.  It’s now strong and successful working closely with interior design and workplace colleagues.’ 

Pawel goes on to explain that over the past year or so he has felt an urge to take up a new challenge. This feeling combined with his wish to do even better for his clients and himself led him to consider setting out on his own.  ‘I needed a new Treasure Island to sail to,’ he says with a chuckle.  It was then an opportunity arose to partner with like-minded individuals who knew him and had worked well with him in the past. 

‘I have a young family,’ he says, ‘so in part it’s also about us creating opportunities for the future, building the world for our children and setting ourselves up to provide the best design product.  We’ll do this in an honest and humble way.’  This matters to Paweł and is a key drive to taking the plunge!  ‘My family in Poland always taught me that honesty and hard work mattered.’ 

Paweł has extensive experience in architecture and describes himself as very focused and organised when it comes to his work. ‘I think logically, and I am driven by the ideas behind the end-product,’ he says.  His partners at &More describe him as intelligent, organised and ever the gentleman. Challenging situations don’t faze him and Paweł stays calm and composed especially when faced with a knotty problem to solve. ‘I’m not perfect though!  I can also be very stubborn when I have made up my mind.’ Paweł laughs.

‘I am very tenacious with my work, and it is important for me to adhere to the mutually agreed rules and show respect towards my colleagues and clients.’  

Paweł believes that the quality of our surroundings affects the quality of our work and our life and he is passionate about building on this foundation with a solid work ethos and problem-solving approach. 

‘Love for my family drives me to succeed both in personal and professional life.’ Paweł says. We know he pours the same respect and love he has for his family into his work at &More. 

He has founded &More with his long-time colleagues Angela Newton and Derek Binnie.  Paweł is very excited about what the future has to offer for &More and he believes, together with his partners, that our fresh and dynamic business model means we can embrace the ever developing, fast-paced, ever-changing market.